About the Competition
22th World SamulnNori Competition in CHILGOK 2015

22th World SamulnNori Competition in CHILGOK 2015


The World Samulnori Competition (WSC) features one of the most popular Korean traditional performing arts forms, Samulnori. Its success over the years has meant that WSC has become not only a festival for Koreans, but also for the world. Through the festival, the organizers plan to diffuse Korea's traditional culture and, at the same time, discover and foster future experts in the genres of traditional theatre, percussion music and original compositions for new Korean music.


August 4 Opening ceremony
August 5 ~ 8 Semifinals (8 categories in 4 divisions)
August 9 Finals and awards ceremony
Location Chilgok Education & Culture Center, Waegwan-eup, Chilgok-gun, Gyeongsangbuk-do

Entrant Requirements

Any citizen of Korea, overseas Korean or foreigner is eligible to apply. (There are no age limits.)
When overseas Koreans/foreign residents apply as a group, it is possible to team up with Korean citizens for up to 30% of the total number of members.
(*e.g. 7 foreigners and 3 Korean citizens in one group)
Any group or individual who has won the President's Award in the past 3 years cannot compete again in the same division.
(In other words, this group or individual may only compete in another division.)

Important Notice

1) The Prior notice policy is applied in order to ensure a fair competition. When there is the direct teacher-student or familial (up to third cousin) relationship
between any participant and judge(s), participants must inform WSC to avoid assigning the judge(s) to their competition. If an individual or group is found to
have such relationship and wins an award without informing WSC, they will forfeit the award and must return all the prizes given.
(Once you submit your application, it is understood that you agree with the prior notice policy.)

※ Teacher-student relationship is considered to be direct when :

· A competitor has been taught by the judge(s) at his/her current school or has had private lessons;
· A competitor has had the judge(s) as an academic advisor within the past 3 years or had private lessons for more than 1 year.

2) Duplicate application is prohibited
If duplicate application is discovered, the individual or group will not be allowed to compete and must forfeit the award and all the prizes given.