About the Festival
22th World SamulnNori Competition in CHILGOK 2015


Celebrating the 25th anniversary, the World Samulnori Competition will be held in Chilgok where the world will watch as the "Mecca" of Samulnori with the slogan : <The Root of Sinmyoung, the Sharing of Sinmyoung, the Peace of Sinmyoung.> The Root, Sharing, and Peace. These represent our will to brush up on the spirit of tradition, coexistence, and unity which Samulnori aims for. We want the event to be the place of pondering and solving global conflicts and disharmony with the spirit of Samulnori.

Since the very first premiere of Samulnori at Gonggan Sarang theater in 1978, we have been putting persistent efforts and reflections for almost 40 years. While doing it to recover the tradition and refining it to be the most brilliant art of the present time, we have been trying to keep hold of the future-oriented succession of creation passed from our ancestors. Thus Samulnori has become not only the most representative Korean tradition but also the cultural delegation of Korea in the world market. The article from Los Angeles Times shows that Samulnori is the most brilliant art and culture that range over past, present, and future.

"Spirited, life-affirming music and dance… Anyone hearing the dynamic drumming of Korean folk music would hardly believe this exciting art once was on the verge of dying out." - L.A. Times

The exceptional performances of Samulnori have influenced 1 million people to join Samulnori clubs and made fans throughout the world so called Samulnorians. For this reason, Samulnori is recognized as an excellent specimen that succeeded in both modernization and globalization among other Korean traditional cultures. And also, while conveying the sense of energy in Korean traditional music, it is settled as a universal culture and art that moves the hearts of people all around the world.

However, we continue to ponder on Samulnori. We do it over and over to develop a cultural heritage that is modern and future-oriented. By expanding the divisions and putting more emphasis on composition, the World Samulnori Competition 2015 will be the indicator showing the spirit of Samulnori is still burning vigorously. We did our best to make it to be a festival that resonates the beat of the world, echo of the world, and rhythm of the world with one heart in one place. As the center of the global community that brings culture, arts, and harmony together, Chilgok will hum with activity and life.

The upgraded WSC welcomes you with various programs including the competition, shows, Chilgok Humanities Festival information center, and amusement zone especially for Korea's 70th anniversary of Liberation Day and 25th of the WSC. Let's take a brief look at the changes in the WSC 2015.

First of all, the competition is now expanded to 4 divisions - Samulnori, Composition, Demonstration(Bbom-nae-gi), and Foreigner/Overseas Korean division - so that All the Samulnorians with different skills and experiences can have courage to join. In addition, from July 31 to August 4, we will conduct workshops for Samulnorian in order to improve their skills and build a network before the competition.

Also, the WSC 2015 has attractions to see and experience. The opening ceremony titled <World Samulnori Beat> will begin with a parade that people from all around the world play their instruments while marching down the street. As the result of our consideration to make the festival not just for the contest but also for every visitor and local citizen to enjoy. There will be booths to experience calligraphy, ocarina, and various musical instruments, a water-themed amusement zone, a percussion exhibition, Chilgok Humanities Festival information center, and a food court for rest and relaxation.

The place of harmony where anyone can be a Samulnorian and united with Sinmyoung, we welcome you to the World Samulnori Competition 2015!